risotto – pasta


main courses

classic international suggestions

the art of Josper Grill*


Side dishes


Olive oil

extra virgin olive oil  (bottle 50ml)

All our meats are roasted in a charcoal oven,

“Josper grill” and meat cutters are exclusively

at our restaurant.  

The above prices include all legal charges, all taxes and fees. The consumer is not obliged to pay if he does not receive the Legal Document (Receipt or Invoice).

The store has an approved POS card acceptance terminal and the consumer is entitled to pay using a credit, debit or prepaid card. Where * products are stored in the freezer.

In salads and meals, we use standard extra virgin olive oil. In fries, we use exceptional quality sunflower oil. The store has a complaint box (4 languages) and a security technician.


Please let us know about any allergies or special dietary needs that we need to know when preparing the menu you requested.


Food Safety Supervisor: Periklis Belitsos