Signature Cocktails

by 3SIXTY Team

  • Golden Desire

    Sparkling wine is always a good choice... what more perfect then taking the best of them all Amalia Brut by Tselepos Estate and adding just a dash of subtle notes of raspberry….DELICIOUS!

  • Wild vilets

    An irresistible cocktail with berries flavors, notes of violets, having gin Beefeater as base balanced with Martini Extra Dry. A truly seduction which will leave you wanting more...

  • Melting up

    A simple yet complex cocktail. A symphony of flavors matched in a perfect way, elegant and smooth. Apricot Brandy, White wine , elderflower and citrus notes.

  • Flounder

    A tropical Cocktail raised from a fairyland, made with Havana Club Anejo, Batinda de Coco, Malibu, smooth flavors of kiwi, green apple and citrus. Let your imagination travel to an other dimension.

  • Shades of cool

    This cocktail is fruity, but not too sweet. Vodka Absolut, Martini Bianco, fruits as raspberry and orange, combined beautifully with almond notes

  • Mind taker

    A sophisticate smoked cocktail, brings together Jim Beam Bourbon, Galliano and Brandy Hennesy. The result.... a smooth cocktail with vanilla, citrus and woodsy notes.

  • Blue me

    This is a strong cocktail which combines Jose Cuervo Silver Tequila, with elderflower, citrus and spicy notes of ginger. This cocktail is made to challenge you to explore. Live the adventure!

Winning Cocktail

by Panagiotis Govatsos

  • Skyfall I

    When the combination of exotic and sweet flavors, create a winning cocktail in World Cocktail Champion IBA. Absolut Vodka, fresh lime, organic peach syrup, passion fruit puree, homemade pineapple puree, apricot liqueur, dash aromatic bitter.

by Panagiotis Govatsos

  • All Classic Cocktails


  • Our peach ice tea

    Peach, Ice tea, Almond, Vanilla

  • Sweet delight

    Strawberry, Raspberry, Apple, Lime

  • Refreshing elixir

    Ginger, Elderflower, Beetroot, Lime, Soda Water


  • Peach_tivo

    Aperitivo, Prosecco, Peach, Lime, Soda

  • Digestive spritz

    Pimm’s, Prosseco, Fernet Branca, Soda

  • Sour me up!

    Limoncello, Prosecco, Soda